Nevada Association of Certified Real Estate Inspectors


Association Bylaws




•  Members must be State of Nevada Certified Inspector of Structures.

•  Member's Nevada certification status must be ‘Active'.

•  Charter Members

•  Members who have been Members since September 2000 and whose dues are current shall be designated Charter Members.

•  Charter members shall have the same rights and privileges as Members.

Associate Members

    Inspectors on Inactive status with the State of Nevada may be Associate Members.

•  Individuals in training to become Certified Inspectors in the State of Nevada may be Associate Members.

•  Professional inspectors operating outside the State of Nevada may be Associate Members

Associate Members shall have the same rights and privileges as Members except that they will not have voting privileges on matters relating to State of Nevada laws and regulations.




•  Member's dues must be current.

•  Any unpaid dues will result in suspension of Association privileges, i.e. voting, representation by Association.

•  Dues shall not be refundable.




•  There shall be a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer

•  Upon completion of elected terms, all officers shall be required to provide assistance to incoming officers as needed to ensure continuity of the business of the Association.

•  The terms of the officers shall be two years.

•  Election of officers shall be made by majority vote of members present (.) at the September membership meeting of each even numbered year.

•  When required, the President shall recommend committees which report to the membership of the Association .




•  The elected officers and the Chairman of the Legal and Ethics Committee shall be the Board of Directors.

•  The Board of Directors shall represent the interests of the Association and its members and shall act on their behalf in matters requiring disposition when there is insufficient time to call a special meeting of the membership




•  Voting shall take place at regularly scheduled membership meetings or at special meetings called to discuss and vote specific matters.

•  Special meetings shall require two week prior written, faxed, or e-mailed notification to all Members.

•  No changes to these Bylaws, the Code of Ethics, or the Mission Statement of the Association shall be made except by a vote of the members at a meeting where two week prior written, faxed, or e-mailed notification to all members has been given stating that these matters are to be voted.

•  Voting will not be done by secret ballot, and there shall be no absentee or proxy votes.


P.O. Box 19077
Reno, NV 89511-0869